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Plastic Wood

Plastic Wood product logo
  • Looks and acts like real wood
  • Stainable and paintable
  • Interior and exterior use

Plastic Wood All Purpose Wood Filler is Available at Select Locations:

It is recommended to check product availability at your local store via the retailer's website or by contacting the store directly.

Plastic Wood-X Now Available at:

Key Features

Plastic Wood-X

Plastic Wood-X logo
  • DryDex Dry Time Indicator Technology
  • Goes on Pink and Dries Natural Indicating When it’s Time to Sand & Stain
  • Stainable & Paintable
  • Shrink & Crack Resistant
  • Strong Nail & Screw Anchoring
  • Easy Water Clean-up
  • Interior/Exterior

DAP Plastic Wood Product Video

Plastic Wood

Plastic Wood product logo
  • 3x Stronger*
  • Repairs Nail Holes, Gouges, Cracks, Scratches & Imperfections On Any Wood Surface
  • Stainable & Paintable
  • Shrink & Crack Resistant
  • Strong Nail & Screw Anchoring
  • Easy Water Clean-up
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Easy to Apply Squeeze Tubes Come in 5 Popular Wood Shades

DAP Plastic Wood - Nail Repair Outdoors

Helpful Tips

  • 1

    Surface should be clean, dry & free of dirt, oil & loose material. De-gloss if necessary. Surface, wood filler & air temperature should be above 40°F. If wood is to be stained, stain before filling with wood filler.

  • 2

    Overfill the repair slightly when applying the wood filler so you can sand it down to a smooth, flat finish when dry.

  • 3

    Plastic Wood All Purpose and Plastic Wood-X can be used for both interior and exterior wood repairs. Make sure to paint or coat exterior wood repairs for long-term durability.

  • 4

    Apply masking tape around damage before filling to keep a clean surface around the repair and limit sanding afterwards.

  • 5

    For gouges and damage deeper than 1/4", apply wood filler in layers and let each layer dry before applying the next.

  • 6

    Allow to dry approximately 2–6 hours for shallow fills and 36 hours for deeper fills. Plastic Wood-X fills will change from pink to natural when surface is ready to be sanded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use it to fill any holes, cracks, gouges or scratches on wood for interior or exterior repairs. Wood filler cures to a hard, solid finish like wood. Do not use it to fill joints between wood where a soft, flexible product like caulk should be used.

With Plastic Wood-X, as soon as the color of your repair is completely natural and you don’t see any pink tones, it is dry. With Plastic Wood All Purpose, wait the recommended amount of dry time indicated on instructions. Touch the surface to see if it is dry. If your sandpaper starts to become clogged with filler, wait and let the repair dry longer before sanding to flat.

It can be stained or painted with latex paint immediately after sanding the cured repair. Wait until 12 hours after sanding to paint with oil based paint.

Plastic Wood All Purpose is moldable and sculpt-able. Build it up in multiple layers, allowing each to dry and sanding between each layer.